Freepbx upgrade from 2.5 to 2.7: missing PEER details in SIP and IAX trunks


After upgrading FreePBX, the web interface doesn’t show anything within the “PEER details” text area. However, if I tell freepbx to regenerate the config files, sip_additional.conf still contains my SIP peer details.

Same thing for IAX trunks.

So the info is there somewhere in the DB but the interface doesn’t show/read it. (So I guess it may not be able to write it (not tried yet because on a production server).

Could anyone please check to see if there’s a bug in the latest freepbx module for SIP/IAX trunk settings?

[EDIT]: I’ve checked tables SIP and IAX and the trunk settings (peer details) seem to be there… So why aren’t they loading in the UI?

post a bug report and in the bug report put in a dump of what you see in one of the tables that is bad, for just that trunk. We can have a look there.

My guess though, is that some how the trunk migration was skipped, something odd that you may have done??? If this came from a trixbox system that could be related, we would have to have a look.

The information should be pulled from the sip and iax tables with summary information put into the trunk table, and then the trunk names are re-named back in the sip and iax tables from the old style names that used to have a bunch of 9’s in it.

p.s. if this was a migration from trixbox please provide specific details of how you migrated and in either case, provides enough information so we can trace what should have happened.

I don’t run trixbox; just standard FreePBX.
I downloaded the 2.7 tarball and ran ./install_amp.
No errors were reported.
Then I upgraded the modules from the web interface and applied.

The only “strange” thing I did was downgrade to 2.5 because of the “early dial” bug ( through the web interface backup utility.

Then I re-upgraded to 2.7 the same way (via tarball + web UI online update).

In my case, as an example, the “sip” table contains records with id 999916 which relate to a specific SIP trunk whose “details” I’m not seeing in the web UI.

The “trunks” table has 1 record related to the sip settings: trunk id 16, tech “sip”.

But I don’t see any trunk renaming taking place.

I’ll run “install_amp” once again from the tarball to see if that solves the trunk issue before filing a bug report.

it’s not a bug, you “down graded” after your schema changed but unfortunately FreePBX does not support downgrading.

The migration code will assume that a migration has already taken place if it detect the trunk table which is new.

It’s possible if you delete the the trunk table in your 2.5 installation and then upgrade again all might be fine since it will not see the table and thus attempt to migrate your trunks. However there may be other migration steps that are missed as a result of this.

So I guess I can’t “repair” it.
I don’t see anything wrong except for that so I guess I’ll try copy/pasting the “PEERS details” and see if that’s ok. Or I may need to delete the whole trunk and recreate it afterwards.

After pasting into the web interface, I get new records with:

id = tr-peer-16

the older records with id 999916 are still there.

Should I delete them manually from the DB? If I leave them there, will they be used in the generation of sip_additional.conf?

[EDIT]: after pasting and applying, all’s well (sip and iax_additional.conf files are generated ok) but I have “garbage” records with id 9999*. Can I safely delete these records?

delete them, you probably need to review any trunk dial rules you previously had also as all that changed as well.

whether you have other ‘garbage’ laying around from the change you made is hard to say, but I guess “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Though if odd things are happening, you may need to look at things closer.