FreePBX upgrade from 13 to 15

Hi All,

I did search through the internet and notice the best way to upgrade FreePBX 13 to 15 is taking backup and restore.

We have several backup options like below,

  • CDRs
  • Config Backup
  • Exclude Backup Settings
  • Full Backup
  • System Audio
  • Voice Mail

I saw most of them suggest to use Full Backup option. I tested it and noticed it take below files and I don’t think most of these files are not required. For example the web root is not required because FreePBX wont use the old web root and it just required the data related to the configuration only.

  • Web root (200+MB in size)
  • /etc/asterisk
  • tftpboot
  • /etc/dahdi

I did testing with taking backup selecting below options only because I need to make the backup file smaller as possible.

  • CDRs
  • Config Backup
  • Exclude Backup Settings
  • System Audio

I’m facing only one issue so far. It’s very similar to the issue mention in below,

I’m getting “Please ask for a valid directory” error when trying to access extension from Extensions module. Fix for this is deleting all the users from user management module. But this not a good solution as users may lost many data from this.

Anyone have better solution for this?

Any help on this please.

I have updated several FreePBX servers using the upgrade module. Assuming you have incrementally applied all upgrade scripts for version 13 (version 13 used upgrade scripts to move from one revision to another), you should be able to upgrade to 14 and then 15 without any issues.

Thanks arielgrin for your suggestion! Will got that way if I don’t have any choice. I found several posts recommending upgrade from 13 to 15 directly using backups/restore method. I’m trying to figure our the correct method/backup config to do it.

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