FreePBX Updates

Just updated some modules and a update for End Point manager is available but my system wont let me updated it due to

Missing Requirements:
FreePBX Framework module version 13.0.170 or higher is required, you have 13.0.169

Is there a update due for the framework ?

Yesterday I had to do:

fwconsole ma update --edge framework

To get some of the updates to work.

Must be an accident that something was released to prod with a dependency on an edge version.

Yes and no… I’ll probably be releasing framework 13.0.174 today or tomorrow (pending blessing from @tm1000 ) because there’s been a chunk of rework on database drivers in there that endpoint depends on.

Edit: Not today.

Endpoint is the only one that needs an edge framework, but it won’t be for too much longer. Sorry! 8)


Thanks for your help on this. We had the same issue on several PBXs and we fixed them with the command given by brk.