FreePBX to SMS (via bluetooth mobile phone)

Hi All,

Good day & thanks for your help in advance. Last couple of days I’ve been trying to setup FreePBX and this community has been of amazing help with the questions already asked and answered.
However this is my first post, so apologies in advance if I missed something and am asking for it again. Here goes…

I am a noob to computers and am trying to setup FreePBX (on a VM) through a bluetooth connected mobile phone. I want any calls and sms coming through the mobile’s sim card to be routed to any of the internal/softphones and any calls or sms from the softphone/internal phones to be sent through the bluetooth mobile. From the information I have collected so far, I have been able to setup the calls part & was a breeze (I am using Nokia 3310 4G).

Is there a way to do the same for SMS too?

In my country we don’t have a service like Twilio, and it’s expensive. This setup is for me and my family (spread across 4 countries) to use various services that are geographically available in my home country that needs a local number.

Thanks again, in advance for all the assistance so far & in future.

P.S If no one has experience with 3310 4G & Asterisk/FreePBX, I can switch the phone for any low end Android Phone instead of 3310 4G. Any help along those lines will help too. Thanks.

Likely, but it would be custom, and I couldn’t find any material either. You would need to see how the SMS data is coming in and do something with it once you have it. Again, you’d likely have to develop this yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

There is this tool, which could give you a user interface, if you adapt it, but again it does not support what you are wanting to do out of the box.

New open source SMS Connector module - FreePBX / Development - FreePBX Community Forums

Thanks comtech

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