Freepbx to sip trunk provider

Hello! I have a reliable server with FreePBX 16 and two trunks. I am thinking about selling call minutes as a service since I have some customers who require the same solution. Is there a module available to help me with this?


Which country? In most developed countries, this is unlikely to be successful because:

  1. Competition is cutthroat.
  2. Fraud is rampant.
  3. Regulatory issues are a nightmare.
  4. International calling, which used to be a good profit center, has been mostly replaced by WhatsApp, FaceTime and similar free apps.
  5. In many countries, mobile phone plans typically include ‘unlimited’ domestic calls and texts.

An exception might be if you have something significant to bring to the party, that your competitors don’t have.

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Is this software compatible with Freepbx!!
I think the competition is not that bad in my country “Turkey”, and I will open the trunk for a specific customer in the Middle East.
regarding the free apps, not all companies use free apps to reach customers because of quality control, as I need to let my customers listen to all call recordings they make through our trunk; by the way, does the A2Billing support let users listen to their calls?

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