Freepbx ticket system (call center)

Hello everyone,

I am searching for a ticket system for freepbx and I cannot find something online. We already have an freepbx installation on premises and we want to integrate a ticket/CRM system for our support department. The software needs to do:
Create a new ticket on call
Create a quick notes per call
Create a new client or open an existing client based on the phone number
Prefer the last agent that spoke with the client (if agent is available)
Custom reports

We basically want to see what the client has requested in the past and follow up.

Any ideas?

Depending on your CRM there is a commercial module (assuming you are using the distro) that supports several. It also supports webhooks to do your own integrations. I am not sure if it has a trial option. Short of that I don’t think there is any “off the shelf” solutions without doing some programming

Thank you for your response. I am asking for the crm solution (if there is any) or a module that does the aforementioned.

Look these CRMs up and see what you like. While not the only option they are supported so if you run into trouble there is a path for help.

Supported CRMs at this time

  • Salesforce CRM
    • Requires CRM module 13.0.2 or greater (Beta May 2017)
    • See supported Salesforce versions
  • Sugar CRM
    • Requires Sugar CRM 6.5/8.0 (later versions may not be supported, confirm before purchase)
    • Requires also installing a module on your CRM system
  • Suite CRM
    • Requires also installing a module on your CRM system
  • Zoho CRM
    • Requires CRM module 13.0.2 or greater (Beta May 2017)
  • Connectwise CRM
    • Requires CRM module or greater (Beta July 2017)
  • Generic API
    • Requires CRM module or greater (Beta July 2017)
    • Allows using the CRM module with published API to allow connecting to any CRM.

Started the 30 days trial on the plugin, I am trying to get it to work with vtiger. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. Do you know of a way to connect freepbx to vtiger?

I would recommend APIs are how you would connect them.

FreePBX Generic API instructions I linked to you above. I googled vtiger APIs and found this:

If you see the APIs you need to do the things you want in vtiger, then you can move on to programming what/when you want FreePBX to do when. What you are asking to do does require you to develop. I recommend reading and trying things out. You can always ask specific questions on how to do things here, if you get stuck.

To get you started here is some additional recommended reading material:

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