Freepbx telephone report not working

I have FreePBX and I have enabled the call recording, my hard disk space got full and the free pbx was acting weird.

I deleted the recordings however for some reason the call reporting isnt logging calls anymore from the day that I had an issue.

I tried running the below commands and also rebooted the server however issue still persists.
yum update -y
fwconsole ma updateall

I had the same problem after an update - somehow the switch in Settings => Advanced Settings => Enable CDR Logging got toggled off due to the update. Simply toggling it back on fixed it for me.

thanks for your reply, Is it this one ?

No, this one:

I dont seem to have that option and when checked the module is enabled

Go the FreePBX dashboard:

Then pick “Advanced Settings” from the “Settings” menu:

Then scroll down to the “cdr” section (you might have to expand it by clicking on the “+” sign):

Then make sure “Enable CDR Logging” is set to “Yes”. A recent FreePBX update switched this to “No” for me.

I dont have that category, maybe because I am stil running v15.

when entering this command it shows that it is enabled


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