FreePBX + Tailscale Funnel

I have tried Tailscale tunnel and it took 5 minutes to get it working and it connects and works so great but the only issue is that i can’t get push notification as it requires a third party access to the PBX (Groundwire Softphone), so i switched to Tailscale Funnel and tested it using port 80 and indeed i can access FreePBX GUI from anywhere using Tailnet name ( but if i switch the port to 5061 i can’t connect/register, i tried disabling IPTables service and still no success, am wondering if anyone tried it before and can confirm that it can be done or have a clue why it doesn’t work.

Since Tailscale acts as reverse proxy on the PBX, i added to the local networks and still nothing showing up using sngrep tool


Sorry that I know nothing about your issue, but possibly one of these is an acceptable substitute.

  1. Acrobits publishes a list of their push server addresses. Allow those addresses to access TCP port 5061 on the PBX directly (no VPN). See What IPs Do We Need To Allow On Our SIP Registrar (PBX) Firewall For The Acrobits Push Notification Service (SIPIS) To Work On Cloud Softphone?

  2. Run your own SIPIS server, see SIP Instance Server — Acrobits documentation