FreePBX system & Module Updates not available

I have updates run automatically every week. Typically there is never an issue. Today, I have numerous modules that are trying to update but cannot due to missing requirements.

EdgeMode is active.

Current system version: 16.0.39 no available updates

SangomaConnect: V16.0.44.11 Upgrade – Missing PhoneApps
PhoneApps V16.0.34.1 Upgrade – Missing EPM
EPM V16.0.78 Upgrade: “Newer than online version”.

So as you see from here I cannot update SangomaConnect until I update PhoneApps. Cannot update PhoneApps until I update EPM and EPM cannot be updated at all right now.

Is there something I am missing or a way to download EPM to get all this cleaned up?

officially to download any commercial module you have to be within maintenance or renewals. Without that the mirror will not show any version newer than your last valid maintenance version. If your other modules are within their maintenance window you may want to open a support ticket to see what they recommend

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