Freepbx Switchboard


there is any switchboard for freepbx ?

  • Fop 2 … not work with Zulu or Sangoma Desktop (webrtc)
  • iSymphony . . . no more updated, not work with Zulu or Sangoma Desktop (webrtc)
  • Freepbx Queue Wallboard … useful, but it lacks a management similar to the fop with a message board with all users
  • AsterSwitchboard no more updated
  • AsteriskGuru switchboard no more update
  • MonAst no more update

any help ?

no others come to mind - you named the top candidates and their issues

its a gap that needs to be filled

I believe you can configure FOP2 to monitor these endpoints.

@VoipMC, although I haven’t used FOP2 in a decade or so, I spend most of the time in our Cloud Web Call Panel. However, that isn’t designed for FreePBX. I added it to one of my systems today to take a fresh look.

FOP2 should work with Zulu or Sangoma Desktop. (As @pitzkey noted) I no longer use Zulu and have not tried Sangoma’s new Beta Desktop. However, FOP2 worked perfectly for Clearly Anywhere on both desktop and mobile.

It allows you to enter an extra channel when defining buttons (this was actually set up automatically when I installed it.) So you would match that with whatever channel that Zulu or Sangoma Desktop defines.

Call with Clearly Anywhere Desktop:

FOP2 sees the call and shows it in their panel:

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 3.57.19 PM

Added a Second Call using my deskphone, it sees that call and populates it on line 2:

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 3.57.50 PM

Maybe @lgaetz or @dolesec can test out Fop2 on Sangoma Deskphone or Zulu to confirm it will work with their stuff, too, there is a free license so it hopefully won’t break the Sangoma Open Solutions budget ;).

Optionally someone could reach out to Nicolas Gudino (Fop2) directly, I thought he was on these forums, but that could have been the Piaf forums, he spends most of his time on Issabel and no longer provides a FreePBX Module, but could probably assist with anything that is missing.


I have never used Clearly Anywhere Desktop but I believe it is developed by the sdk of
I had already tried a softphone in the cloud managing provisioning and it works, but the commitment is great and having many users I was looking for something different. With Sangoma Mobile and now Desktop I am fine, they are perfectly integrated in freepbx, but above all I can use Active Directory as a login system (User Manager) without communicating the sip account credentials.
The Fop 2 did not work well with the additional channels, I had already tried … now I will make another attempt by contacting Nicolas directly

Clearly Anywhere and Sangoma Mobile (Sangoma Connect) both utilize the same SDK. The SDK allows for consistent updates to android and iOS; it’s the integration and ease of use that each provides that brings value.
Otherwise, you could utilize Groundwire, which is based on the same SDK but requires a more hands-on approach to configuration.

I understand that Sangoma’s new beta Desktop client is not using an SDK, but they are building it themselves as they did Zulu. I haven’t tried it myself, so they may be doing things differently on the backend.

NOTE: Clearly Anywhere can also be integrated and provisioned from User Manager, (probably going to catch grief for posting that here, but I want to clarify that functionality is available. the User guide is here for that Clearly Anywhere for FreePBX )

FOP2 do have their own forums, and even a Telegram channel if you want to reach Nicolas.

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I took a look, but it doesn’t offer me anything more than sangoma for both the mobile version and the desktop part. However, as you said, my needs are basically two. The first to have a control panel that supports webrtc as well as native sip and for this I will write on the Nicolas Forum for support, and the second to have a centralized system for managing users. To date I have about 3000 operators, and having an Active Directory system that controls the possible deactivation of the user not only for the telephone part is essential, otherwise for each employee who leaves the company I would have to manually cease the various users

This is more out of the way but I continue to be impressed with the VitalPBX project. They appear to have a switchboard. I am not 100% sure but I believe both their softphone and WebRTC client are also free to use. Note I have not used this yet.


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