FreePBX Surrogate channels (agents)

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I have freepbx distro in serevral places and soon I will have to implement HA with Sangoma devices and I will have a sip trunk in few places. Telecom offers sip trunk with surrogate option but I have no idea on how to use it so far. I have never used that before. Telecom gave me IP address to set for surrogate agents as well. Can someone explain me what are surrogate channels or agents and how to configure it?

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That is something you need to have your provider explain. It isnt anything standard using those terms.

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I am not sure if it is completely unknown term but all I found over the internet is this:

and this:

asterisk -rx ‘core show channels concise’| awk -F! ‘! $13 {print $1}’
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1
Local/[email protected];1

on this page:

and this may be the closest one:

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You’ve missed my point You said your Provider is giving you this information and in the Telephony world with carriers/providers this isn’t a standard thing. If your Provider is giving you “Surrogate” channels and Agents then they are probably running some sort of Asterisk backend for their services.

However, they might be using the term Surrogate in a completely different manner and before we jump around looking at Asterisk’s surrogate channels and agents, you should get a better explanation of what they actually mean.

Also, without knowing how their service works or is setup or should be integrated with your PBX we can’t tell you how to do anything.

Dear Tom Ray,

Thank You very much for Your reply. I remember You were replying to my previous post about SIP trunking where You suggested using a business service instead of residential service.I followed Your suggestion and I asked for a business SIP trunk in one location where we have CISCO CUCM (configured by a third party) and this is what telecom asked me to confirm that our equipment is suitable for their SIP trunk:

  1. Which type of equipment do we have. Brand, manufacturer
  2. The users device MUST support SURROGATE type of registration
  3. Number of channels/extensions which will be configured on the users side (I am the user)

They said, Cisco is suitable. However, I have to do this on all other freepbx installations and I also have to implement PBXact with HA in one place but I have no idea if this is supported by freepbx or other sangoma products. They are using broadsoft in their sistem.
My provider is NOT able to connect me with a technical person and they speak what is told to them like a record… just repeating one same thing they only know. So… I have to figure out what this is in order to use it or I will have trouble.

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