FreePBX support for newer Cisco phones

Oh I get it. The FreePBX/Sangoma’s of the world should bend over backwards to support Ci$co phones. That way a small business can start out with a cheap FreePBX phone system and buy all 100% Cis$co phones. Then when they get large enough or have some must-need that will force them to cough up some coin for a phone system, they can easily walk into Ci$co and replace JUST the Sangoma part of the system with a Ci$co PBX All their phones will be supported by Ci$co since they are all Cisco phones.


You can buy a preconfigured set of FreePBXs with HA right now. The people who need HA aren’t rolling their own PBXes. They don’t care anything about the version of FreePBX inside.

HA is for 99.999% uptime. The only places that need this are 24x7 call centers and there’s very few legitimate uses for a 24x7 call center that aren’t 911 or other government, and those types won’t be using FreePBX.

As for Cisco opening the firmware - untrue. Nobody (outside of Cisco) has recompiled the 3PCC firmware with their own mods and updated their phone to it. That is what opening firmware is If you can’t do that, the firmware is still proprietary.

This thread has gone off-topic, but I’d like to ask one more relevant question specifically to @lgaetz. If the community submits phone model templates to Sangoma for EPM would they be accepted? Or are you only accepting templates submitted by the manufacturer?

I have not done any development on EPM, nor am I aware of specifics as far as management goes. The only policy that I am aware of, is the one I stated earlier in the thread. Inclusion in EPM requires the cooperation of the manufacturer.

I’m not sure why you’re going out of your way to type Cisco the way you are, but you’re coming across as a crazed fanboy ala Mac/PC. I’m not interested in arguing the merits of Cisco Call Manager or phones vs other platforms. You seem to want to hate and attack people that use Cisco products.
All I’m asking for is support for newer Cisco phones. If Sangoma didn’t support Cisco phones at all then I wouldn’t even be asking. But they did at one point, which is why I’m asking for support for newer models.

Sort of. If you buy the appliances with HA Sangoma will install FreePBX v13 on them. If you upgrade to v14+ you lose HA. So my original statement stands, they have deprecated support for HA as of v14 with no solution to replace it.

So because you say so that makes it true?
Alot of your posts in this thread are anecdotal and not at all related to what the original topic was… which is…(for a 3rd time now)


I believe that the answer right now and for the immediate future is there are no updates. The phones are just currently unsupported. The Poly’s are in the same boat because not only is there the VVX’s with the UC firmware there is now the VVX-Obi line using Obi based firmware.

Now that could change but it would require some sort of dialog between Cisco/Poly and Sangoma.

Could you please take your rambling off-topic posts to private messages.


If you really want Cisco SIP phones to use with a Asterisk/freePBX server, apply the patch, edit the configs and put xml-config files into the tftp directory…it’s not that difficult…nobody needs EPM :wink:

…but don’t complain…once you broke things in freePBX :wink:

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I’ve looked through that website and it seems like its geared towards the SIP firmware cisco phones, not the 3PCC firmware. Are you aware of any changes that would need to be made to the patches or XML files to support 3PCC firmwared phones?
Is that website and the patch levels still actively being developed? Or has that website not been updated in 3+ years?

If I were you I would try it without those patches. Those patches and the documentation on the site are clearly for the Cisco SIP (Call Manager using SIP protocol) firmware.

I don’t think any of the “Ci$co” haters here has ever worked with or seen an 8800-series phone with the multi-platform firmware. I haven’t worked with them, either, but the documentation states that they are tested to work with Asterisk. I would start with that premise and see how it goes.

If you work exclusively with one brand of phones then creating a config generator in any language should be trivial. You can probably even find code on github,

Above was a quick search (may not be right)

I feel for you. I have a 8841 3PCC-K9 and have also searched and searched for information on how to make it work on FreePBX. I think I even asked around here once or twice.
I ended getting it to work (more or less) only by using the phones own web interface - and that was not easy either. It appears to me that the terminology that Cisco uses for the labels for the settings in the web interface to not jive with the name of the settings Cisco uses in their template documentation. Certainly the terminology Cisco uses is also different than what FreePBX and Sangoma use so the situation is even more frustrating for a newbie like me.

I really like the tone of the speakerphone on the 8841 and I also like the way it handles - the buttons make sense to me, but this is a personal preference.

Just for comparison I also have a Cisco SPA504G, a Digium A30, a Digium D65 and a couple SNOM 821. I think the SNOM 821 were the easiest to get working and I have never been able to get the Digium D65 nor the A30 to get configuration from the FreePBX.

I should mention that we do not license any endpoint manager and also that our FreePBX is self hosted in the cloud so these may have impacted our abilities to make these all “Just Work”.

It’s off topic, but the Digium D65 are easy to configure, when you use the Digium phones module in freePBX. The Digium/Sangoma D-Series phones are made for Asterisk and work great with a freePBX server.

If Cisco really sells phones, which are made for Asterisk…why don’t they publish a configuration manual? How do the devs at Cisco know that the phones work with Asterisk, when there is no user community who tested these phones?

Don’t get me wrong…Cisco produces high quality phones…and I like them (e.g. the 8961) very much, but you have to spend weeks to make them work with freePBX…with a LDAP phonebook, with full BLF functionality etc…once the mission is accomplished, you better don’t upgrade the firmware anymore :wink:

And yes the patch is still updated and the info is up to date provided by our kiwi friend! But don’t use the info regarding patching Asterisk, because you will break your freePBX server. There are better ways to patch Asterisk using the rpm way.
I have two freePBX 14 systems running with roughly a dozen 8961 phones…

And sorry for postings, if sometimes they don’t sound polite…my English skills are limited…

EDIT: I just checked the NZ-website again…he clearly lists special settings for the Cisco 8800 series phones. Why would he do that…if these phones work with Asterisk out of the box and without the patch?

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