Freepbx suggest me to run "Fwconsole reload --verbose" when I click on red button "Apply Config"

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Hi to all,

I’ve uploaded freebox modules but after reboot when I click on the red button “Apply config” the popup appear: “Unknown Error. Please Run: fwconsole reload --verbose”

So I go to console as root and the command success.

But it is annoing because evere time I make one modify through GUI I have to rerun the command in console.

any ideas?


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Possible file permissions problem, what is the result of

 sudo -u asterisk fwconsole reload --verbose

If it is permissions, then you can usually resolve with

fwconsole chown

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if I exec this command as root: [root@freepbx ~]# sudo -u asterisk fwconsole reload --verbose

I obtain this:

Reload Started
Unable to access the running directory (Permission denied). Changing to ‘/’ for compatibility.
Unable to access the running directory (Permission denied). Changing to ‘/’ for compatibility.
Unable to access the running directory (Permission denied). Changing to ‘/’ for compatibility.
Unable to access the running directory (Permission denied). Changing to ‘/’ for compatibility.
Reload Complete

so… I executed this: [root@freepbx ~]# fwconsole chown

and I obtained these:

Setting Permissions…
Setting base permissions…Done in 5 seconds
Setting specific permissions…
53451 [============================]
Finished setting permissions

Now, if I go back GUI and click again on red button “Apply Config” the problem remains :frowning:

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Did you manually change any users/permissions?

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No man


Hi dude, i have the same problem since yesterday.
On Fryday everything was correct. What is the problem?

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Probably there is a bug on some update!

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I had a similar problem on a new installation of Freepbx15 a few days ago (“Unknown Error. Please Run: fwconsole reload --verbose”) that was not activated. After a regular module update and a system update (yum update), I got this error in the GUI, but was able to reload through fwconsole cli. I also saw on the fwconsole cli that the system is trying to set the LC_CTYPE system parameter with no luck upon reloading (fwconsole reload). I suspected that it was because one of the commercial module (probably the endpoint manager but I am not sure) and after a successful activation, I was able to apply the changes through the GUI.

I did not think that it was a bug at the time, but now I see that there is definitely a new system behavior on the modules repository and the Zend encryption system. probably due to the recent changes on the module repositories. @lgaetz, @mfredrickson would you mind take a look at that?

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

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Hi to all, today I’ve updated freepbx and voilà! The problem is resolved:

[root@freepbx ~]# fwconsole ma upgradeall
No repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings
Module(s) requiring upgrades: endpoint
Upgrading module ‘endpoint’ from to
Downloading module ‘endpoint’
Processing endpoint

0/19688539 [>---------------------------] 0%

19688539/19688539 [============================] 100%
Finished downloading
Download completed in 7 seconds
Create symlink…Done
Checking database tables…Done
Migrating tables as required…Done
Checking Settings and Defaults…Done
Generating Configs…Done
Downloading Firmware…Done (Background)
Generating CSS…Done
Module endpoint version successfully installed
Updating Hooks…Done
Chowning directories…Done
All upgrades completed successfully!
Updating Hooks…Done
Chowning directories…Done

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@danielf’s issue is due to EPM and resolved in Endpoint Manager versions v14.0.68.36, v15.0.39.37

I’m not sure if that also resolved your issue @mikele83, but glad its sorted.

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@lgaetz solved :wink:

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thank you @lgaetz for your prompt reply.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

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