FreePBX Statistics shows exception error for undefined index in psi.memory.Swap

Have fired the usual command line update commands for FreePBX:

sudo fwconsole ma updateall
sudo fwconsole reload

Then when logging into the FreePBX web GUI, going to the “Dashboard” tab and incidentally selecting any time span under the “Memory” option of the “FreePBX Statistics” displet, I’m getting a red coloured pop-up window as depicted with:

Haven’t seen these red coloured pop-window in the past, thus not sure if it’s been introduced with the last FreePBX framework update.

With today’s update launched, the FreePBX framework version is now pumped up to

Is this a bug or regression introduced with the latest update?

Here is the contents of line 626 found in file “/var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/classes/Statistics.class.php

$retarr['values']['swappct'][$count] = (int) $val '[email protected]'];

though not sure if I’m allowed to change anything here and, since it is referring to a variable, I might need to have a look elsewhere where the variable gets (or gets not) instantiated with a value.

Everything in the folder:


and below is GPL. You are free to do whatever you want with it.

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