"FreePBX Statistics" chart freezes browser(s)

This particular chart has started to cause freezes on IE, Firefox, and Chrome with it hanging around the point where it shows “Loading Graph…”. If I go to any other page everything is fine. If I wait 10 minutes or so eventually the dashboard becomes responsive. Is there a workaround?

This is rather annoying with the dashboard page “not responding due to a long-running script”, so I am bumping this question up.

I’ve started to see the same issue on one of my deployments. It’s been doing it about a month now. If I find an answer, I’ll post it here. Unless someone else figures it out first.

Happy to hear that I’m not alone! I updated to 13.0.115, along with the other updates, and now get the following pop-up at the top-right of the dashboard when loading:

The dashboard no longer freezes. IE’s debugger console shows: