FreePBX Static IP

I am new to freepbx. I have installed freepbx 14 in a machine located at client place successfully, and now I am trying to access GUI from my place. I know, a static IP would be helpful for such.
Can anyone please assist me step by step to access it at outside environment. Wiki shows some older versions not with latest distro.

P.S : I am able to access the GUI from the same network. Thank You in advance.

Easiest but least secure: in the client’s router/firewall, forward TCP ports 80 and 443 to the PBX.

If the router/firewall permits, restrict the forward to your IP address (reasonably secure).

Or, set up port forward for SSH, use SSH forwarding to access GUI.

Or, set up a VPN on client’s router/firewall (if supported).

Or, set up a VPN on the PBX and forward the appropriate port.

Or, connect to a workstation at the client’s location (TeamViewer, Remote Desktop, etc.) and run a browser there to access the GUI.

My recommendation for this is ZeroTier. I use this all the time. (

Once installed, set the ZT adapter as “local” in the FreePBX firewall.

Put ZT on your laptop/desktop and join the same network.

Now you can SSH or HTTP from anywhere to the ZT IP.

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