FreePBX, Spam calls, Blacklist and Wildcards *sigh*

As seen in this picture, we have been getting nailed with spam calls. I’ve successfuly managed to block one of the callers, but we are getting calls with variations of the first four numbers, with the following numbers all being the same. Upon using a little Google-fu, I came across an article in regard to using “_”, “.”, “X” and “!” but can’t figure the correct way to block all these calls. Can someone assist me with the correct usage?

I’m currently trying “_xxxx.114713310413” but it isn’t doing anything.

Are you allowing anonymous and/or guest calls?

There are no legitimate phone numbers anywhere in the world longer than 15 digits, legitimate ones wont start with 11 , sending


to hangup would prevent any non NANP calls

I haven’t locked down anything at the moment. We are kind of new the the FreePBX Platform, so still muddling around the waters here :slight_smile:
We do a bit of business overseas as far as product procurement, so I’m kind of leary in regard to blocking all overseas calls.

If you disable anonymous and guest calls, all those particular calls will never get through.

I’ve done both, but am I still getting rocked with these calls.

Second Image:

Neither of those, its in your sip settings.

This guy?

I’ll let you guess that :slight_smile:

As you have them turned off, it’s most likely your SIP Trunk setting has no security on it, so even though anon is turned off THERE, you have explicitly created a ‘allow anyone to send me random SIP calls’ trunk.

I’d speak to your SIP provider and ask them for the correct information for configuring a trunk.

Are your extensions chan_sip or PJSIP?

By default you can’t use patterns in the FreePBX blacklist. However, it is possible to blacklist by name, or by using a regex pattern, or at least the limited form of regex that Asterisk supports, if you add some custom dialplan. I bookmarked this article some time back that explains how to do it:

How to hack the FreePBX blacklist for better call blocking capability

I note that it was written in 2013 so I don’t know if the method described there still works, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

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