FreePbx SPA 3102 issue

We have in our enviroment Freepbx setup, with one SPA 3102. This is Asterisk Ver. Freepbx and SPA 3102 are connected with one SIP trunk and then SPA 3102 is connected via one CO (FXS) line to our provider of phone service. On PHONE line (FXS port) of SPA 3102 there is one analog phone, which is registered on Asterisk as extension 102.

Everything is working fine but there is one random issue. Randomly when we call from our analog phone, aka extension 102, and when there is a voicemail on other end or some automated response in some cases connection doesnt end when hook is on. Basicly sip trunk between spa 3102 and asterisk (freepbx) is still active, and there is an error when other call from that or some other extension tries to establish, saying all circuits are busy and max channel used up. We have to restart Freepbx, and everything is then ok for some time.

Can this be somehow be fixed?

I have error log that I can post.

Thank you for your quick answer.

Best Regards

In the same way that you have to configure Dahdi to detect hangup’s/what should be condidered a hangup you have to do the same with the 3102’s FXO interrfaces, it depends on your carrier and how they provision your lines, there are many clues out there in google land.