FreePBX softphone ports

Hi all,
For a couple weeks I’ve been trying to get Clearly Anywhere working on my on-site FreePBX 15.x system.

I got to the point where it registered, and I could dial in our out, but there was no audio.

I had UDP Ports 10000 to 20000 open as this is the recommendation I see everywhere. I was going to throw in the towel but then I noticed in FreePBX, under Aseterisk SIP Settings, the port range there is set to 10000 to 38000. I changed the rule on my firewall and behold, it works now.

So, is this now the normal port range?

every install ive ever done of freepbx has defaulted to 10,000 through 20,000 to the best of my knowledge.

Would there have been a reason the previous admin may have extended the port range? This box is an upgrade from FreePBX 13 so this setting probably carried over from the upgrade.

there are any number of reasons why one might potentially do that, including but not limited to:

  • a provider used non-standard ports
  • you have more 10,000 concurrent media streams
  • port forwarding non-standard ports for fun and profit (“its more secure if its not the standard!” - crazy IT Guy)
  • weird endpoint that uses nonstandard ports
  • the whiskey was too strong during setup day
  • typo

without knowing more details about your setup, i cant really speak towards a Why :frowning:


I have seen a lot of security theater and recommendations by “experts” There is a solid chance someone followed a blog somewhere and thought they were smarter than an attacker.
FreePBX has always defaulted 10000-20000. There are platforms like PIAF that would add things like webmin so the port range would be something like 10001-20000

Small office here. Definitely not 10,000 concurrent streams. No weird enpoints I can think of.
I guess I can change it back and see what happens! Won’t hurt to try!

i believe the Technical Term for this is YOLO

just make note of what you had it set to before, and a test plan :slight_smile:

38k has never been a default setting. I suspect that a previous admin erroneously assumed that the PBX rtp range needed to match the provider rtp range and set it that way deliberately.

I vote this reason.

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