Freepbx Site Does Not Open On My Computer

I’ve been having a problem for a few days. I have two notebooks. Almost all websites open correctly in the first notebook, but some do not open in the second. And ‘err_connection_timed_out’ this error message comes up. Its my Chrome browser. Mainly I posted the thread here because the site Freepbx also does not open there.

I do not understand why this happens. Has anyone encountered such kind of issue before? Please help me friends to solve it.

Maybe some kind of firewall issue? Not the FreePBX firewall but on your notebook or in your router. If it was FreePBX there shouldn’t be other affected sites.

Now what to do?

Mainly I use Chrome and Firefox browser, but the issue is having the Firefox also.

Doesn’t seem like a FreePBX issue.
The laptop seems to be having some connection issues.
Try creating a fresh new profile on the 2nd laptop.
Create an administrator account, log into it, then see if you are able to reach sites successfully. If not, perhaps hardware issues are occurring. Maybe a misconfig somewhere. Check DNS on the 2nd laptop?

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I have created a new account by clearing the cache, but still the problem persisted. I do not understand why I am getting this kind of issue.

Reboot the FreePBX server twice in a row (quickly) and it will bring the firewall down on the server. Try connecting then. If you can its the FreePBX firewall, if you cannot likely an network issue.

this honestly sounds like you got fail2ban’d.

Try running this and see if there are any IP Addresses Listed

fail2ban-client status asterisk-iptables

or if you want to get REALLY fancy:

for i in apache-tcpwrapper recidive ssh-iptables apache-badbots pbx-gui asterisk-iptables vsftpd-iptables; do fail2ban-client status $i; done

and of course:

fail2ban-client set  asterisk-iptables unbanip

^^ use the banned IP (yours) of course…

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