Freepbx, sipstation, asterisk, 2 talk and my system sucks! plz help!

im new to my company, and we currently use
sip station
and 2talk,

none of this works right…
im not sure where to turn for support, all of the mentioned people all want to point at someone else!

inter-office calls sometimes don’t work.
calls outside don’t always work (sometimes one way audio, sometimes 2 way, sometimes failed)
calls in don’t always work (sometimes one way audio, sometimes 2 way, sometimes failed)
i use the service at a hotel and when my rooms call front desk sometimes it doesn’t work, yesterday it took 15 calls to get a room to connect with front counter, sometimes it works for days without problems.

how do i find out account info? the old IT guys had this shit all in there personal emails.

Ive been emailing sipstation for over a week and have gotten no where! the guy doesn’t want to help!

when i login to freepbx with putty and type in “asterisk -r” i can see lots of errors, warnings, and notices
"[2013-08-28 08:40:22] NOTICE[5240]: chan_sip.c:18919 handle_response_peerpoke: Peer ‘4009’ is now Reachable. (30ms / 2000ms)"
" of type ‘SIP’ (cause 20 - Unknown)
[2013-08-28 09:05:27] WARNING[26154]: app_dial.c:1780 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘SIP’ (cause 20 - Unknown)"

i use PFsense to route from time warner business class to my pbx
i tried untangle

even worse im not sure how ALL these names interact who does what. i have multiple bills that are just short of a quality PRI t1.

i come from a callcenter environment and know about pbx’s voip, T1’s, ds3’s, framing. but this combination seams to be one big joke, please help me!

-justin k
miracle springs resort.

PFSense is pretty hard to setup right for VoIP to be honest. So how do you have it set up? I can provide my setup which might help.

Which “guy” from SIPStation doesn’t want to help. We would like to know. All calls are recorded along with emails and support tickets for quality assurance.

Here’s a quick rundown:
Schmooze is a Corporation that owns SIPStation and the FreePBX trademark. We are the primary developers for FreePBX (The GUI that manages Asterisk configurations).

I find it strange that you say all of the people are pointing fingers at someone else. 2talk is the only part that is not the same. We have nothing to do with them.

Sorry for your troubles. Let’s see what we can do here.

Looking through the support tickets you’ve actually provided us no account information. Including your username for sipstation, or any connected phone numbers. We need this information to help in any remote way. Please provide those and we will escalate the ticket

Yes, PFsense is a challenge. I personally don’t like any software firewalls. The ASIC based devices just work better.

Assuming you have multiple remote sites you may find that setting up VPN’s to the remote sites works much better.

How many concurrent calls do you use?

the pfsense is a hardcore firewall its true. I can set it up if im given the right info. it was an upgrade from this softwall, UNTANGLE. I followed the guide for setting up ports to the “T”.
my people don’t know anything, the other IT crowed I replaced sent the acct info to there personal email im trying to give sip user but in the systems I saw a number that I gave.
other then that I don’t even know how to get that info!
I asked in an email to someone how to find the user name and I didn’t get that Q responded to.
although my boss should have had that info, he didn’t.

I asked about freepbx documentation that didn’t work in a email to sipstation they told me to give freepbx money and ask them.

my locations use about 2-6 concurant calls at a time. we have TWC business with 10Mb/10MB the main line for the account might be 760-251-6000

I may have spoke with tm1000 if so I thank you for the call.
I had a dns issue about a month ago, and setup a new dns server, and since have cleaned my dns tables, and forward to TWC and then to google. but the problems seam to be consistant before and after that dns problem.