FreePBX - Shared voicemail

my environment:

  • FreePBX 15.0.37 (mode Extensions)
  • iSymphony
  • Bria like softphone

I have found similar questions that mine but I didn’t find a clear answer. I’d like know if it is possible that a group of extensions/users have their own voicemail and manage a general voicemail (team’s voicemail). I don’t want a VM Blasting (I don’t want a copy of the VM message in the voicemail’s users).

In the end, I’d like that in the iSymphony see like:

thanks by advance.


Not sure about iSymphony as we don’t use it in any of our environments (somebody in the forum also mentioned that it might not have a bright future ahead of it either, but no confirmation of this).

The best support for this was through Sangoma S series phones. The new P series still don’t support shared mailboxes.

In short not sure that there is a great or easy way to implement this in FreePBX that I am aware of currently.

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