Freepbx setup with Vodafone

Hi Guys,

I have to setup freepbx with vodafone in romania as a provider.

it’s a strange setup they have given us a modem with their


Local IP:
Local IP CPE intern:
Local hostname:
IP Route: public ip/29 through
SIP Gateway primary: public ip
SIP Gateway secondary: public ip

now we have two different networks in the same pbx one with internet and the second with vodafone sip.

I am able to setup the VM with two network adapters but all the traffic is going from one gateway which is for internet not for sip.

how can I setup this with separate gateway for vodafone traffic and separate for internet.

both internet and sip have different subnets.

Anyone can help me with this.

you need to add a static route to the vodafone network.
This must be done in Centos

search google permanent route in centos (route-ethx file in etc/sysconfig/network-scrips)

I did this but it replaces the default gateway and to sip one for all the traffic

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