FreePBX servers replication behind a Loadbalancer

Dear FreePBX Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a project and could use some guidance from our team.

Here’s the setup: I am planning to deploy a clustered load balancer, specifically a Citrix Netscaler, to manage traffic across multiple FreePBX instances. Let’s say we have 6 FreePBX servers configured . My objective is to ensure that all backend FreePBX servers remain synchronized. that means if I create an extension 1001 it should replicate all servers . I don’t need it immediately to be in sync , I can run a CRON job in in every 60 min intervels or do it manually when it requires

During my research, I’ve encountered various options for achieving synchronization, with rsync catching my attention. My question is: If I synchronize the directory containing FreePBX files, will that be sufficient to replicate changes across all 6 FreePBX servers? Or do I need to perform a separate database synchronization?

I would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations on the best approach for ensuring synchronization among the FreePBX servers in this clustered setup.

Thank you for your assistance.

What does this load balancing achieve? Are these users that expect fully PBX functionality or are you trying to use FreePBX to sell individual VoIP services?

You cannot use something like Netscaler or other HTTP/S load balancers/proxies for the SIP traffic. That requires a specific type of proxy for load balancing because SIP load balancing is not the same.

Also, if you’re load balancing why is a 60 minute window between syncing systems an OK thing? That will break you load balancing.

The functionality that you are looking for is done with the Advanced Recovery commercial module but depending on what your actual use case is you might not get what you expect.

As @BlazeStudios said, I can’t see what use case the technology that you are trying to implement, in the way that you are trying to implement it would serve.

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