FreePbx server status error - asterisk running

I had asterisk11 installed with raspbx. When, I need create server and client asterisk in my raspberry pi. I installed new asterisk with this tutorial:First compile | Asterisk for Raspberry Pi

When freepbx had server status error. Then I’m trying install Freepbx with this tutorial:FreePBX up and running! | Asterisk for Raspberry Pi

and, now, I have this errors:

please, help me

I don’t uinderstand what you mean by “I need create server and client asterisk” but I suggest you try over with:-

it “just works”

i change password of the asteriskuser of the /etc/freepbx.conf . Freepbx web gui is very simple. Raspbx is better

I need create server and client because this tutorial:

you can connect your doorphone to the audio of your raspberry and use chan_console

RasPBX uses FreePBX at the core. What do you mean “raspbx” is better? It’s the same GUI.

the gui freepbx of the raspbx image (asterisk1 11) is better. The gui asterisk 1.8 is not god, understand ??