Freepbx server hanging up every couple of weeks

Hello Everyone,

Looking for some advice. We have a FreePBX server that appears to hang up partially every few weeks. End users won’t be able to dial out when the problem happens. Some voice calls are still active. The web gui doesn’t load.

We’ve recently trimmed the CDR databases to only the last 6 months and added some indexes. SQL cpu usage is down.

Running Asterisk 18.9-cert 4
FreePBX 16.0.40
Server is running FOP2.
All modules are the latest version.
YUM updates are current.
About 200 extensions.

We exported all the logs today to start reviewing. However any advice would be much appreciated.

When the issue happens running a fwconsole restart from ssh fixes the problem.


What kind of CPU are you running?
What is the Memory doing?

Are there error messages anywhere?

The logs are a good starting point, anything else is just wild guesses at this point.

On physical server we’ve got CPU Xeon Silver 4110 CPU @ 2.10 Ghz

Nothing crazy on memory

Interesting that the swap is being utilized so consistently. That would indicate that the system thinks its running out of memory. Is the install virtual? Or does FreePBX have access to the whole cpu? Besides the logs, watching the asterisk cli at high verbosity during an event may provide some clues.

sysstat can give you a better view of burgeoning problems as they develop, by default a snapshot of cpu , disk io , memory etc. every hour for the last 7 days but


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