FreePBX, Sangoma Vega 50 & PJSIP

I am quite new on FreePBX with Asterisk 14 & Sangoma VEGA 50 configuration.
I have 2 phone lines (FXO 201/202 interface) on VEGA 50 and I want to route calls from SIP extensions of FreePBX to predefined interface using different prefix for each FXO interface. (Outbound calls)
For inbound calls I want to get calls on specific ring groups (Inbound calls)

I have a problem trying to register Sangoma VEGA 50 with FreePBX. I followed the following guides:

I tried both PJSIP and CHAN_SIP, But, still my problem is that VEGA is not registering with FreePBX.
I will need your help in order to troubleshoot my configuration.