FreePBX, Sangoma Phones, Daylight Savings Time

I have FreePBX on a Sangoma PBX 60 appliance, with Sangoma S series phones. My time zone under System Admin is set correctly and the time is correct; however, for some reason I always have to go into my phone template profiles and set the DST on or off. Auto will not change the time on the phones for some reason.

What should I be looking at for this?

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

For some phones there is a setting in freePBX, which, if activated, prioritizes any phone device settings, which are in conflict with the pbx settings…
Problem is I can’t remember where I saw it :wink:
If you have a S-series phone, it could be a bug though…

Thanks! I’ve now changed the Basefile for each template as mentioned here, so I’ll see how that works.

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