FreePBX REST API for Extensions - assign MAC - Doubts VS Endpoint Manager

Hello! New here, many thanks in advance and thanks for your support.

I’m currently playing a bit with FreePBX, investigating if I can integrate with it via REST and try to assign some of my application users to extensions and concrete phone devices.
I’m currently using FreePBX REST API, having successfully created via graphQL an extension, user and device (type pjsip)

If you create an extension via the FreePBX UI (Menu: Application / Extension) of chan_pjsip, you can map a device providing Brand, MAC address, etc… on the “Other” tab, section “Endpoint”.
However I couldn’t find those fields mapped into the REST API interface, am I correct? Is there any feature planned?

Can this be achieved via Asterisk commands or using Asterisk REST interface? (Map extension to a device with concrete MAC/brand/template)

Also, Endpoint Manager module, currently has no REST API right? Are you aware also of any intended feature regarding this?

And sorry if this is obvious, what’s the difference between creating extensions via Endpoint Manager module VS Extensions module on FreePBX?

Many thanks in advance!

I suggest you before starting to Integrate stuff, to first understand FreePBX/Asterisk. The Wiki has a ton of information.

The extensions module creates extensions that are devices & users. Then there’s the commercial Endpoint Manager which allows you to create provisioning config files for each extension.

You cannot create extensions in Endpoint Manager, all what it does, is managing the provisioning config files.

Now, till FreePBX 15 there was no API for FreePBX, there’s Asterisk ARI & AMI. These would allow you to manage channels, get data, but mainly Asterisk stuff.
In FreePBX 15 there’s a new GraphQL API, I have never done anything with it, it’s fairly new, and since Endpoint Manager is a commercial module, the community can’t even contribute to allow the API supporting it. (Perhaps it is already supported?)

Hope that clears things up a little.

Hi! Many thanks for your answer!
Yes, I have been reading a lot of information and I’m still a bit lost :slight_smile: specially in terms of existing functionality of the REST interface.
Regarding Endpoint Manager I explained incorrectly, I didn’t mean to create Extensions in Endpoint Manager rather than mapping them to a concrete device. But anyway I haven’t been able to find any info of a possible REST interface for Endpoint Manager.
And regarding Asterisk ARI and AMI I need to investigate further if that mapping extension/device/user is achievable via commands and therefore I can create my own REST API that translates into different commands

Thanks again!

As new as the GraphQL interface is, I’d suggest that if you didn’t write what you are looking for, it probably isn’t there. Right now, it’s a framework for adding stuff to the system, but I don’t think that the FreePBX and Asterisk developers are doing much with it at this moment.

Asterisk developer slides into the conversation

From an Asterisk perspective we don’t have any GraphQL involvement at all. It’s strictly at a FreePBX level. The API may result in things happening to Asterisk, but we’re none the wiser.

Glad to see that we are in violent agreement. :slight_smile:

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