FreePBX Rest-API Documentation

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I am here to find FreePBX Rest API documentation as I am going to develop a provisioning module for a popular CRM so I would appreciate if anyone can provide the Rest-API documentation link below

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There a commercial module that connects to many, many CRM systems already.

The REST-API documentation is pretty thin. With the possible exception of the GraphQL interface and a few interfaces that have been added, the REST-API interface is largely user supported, and I’m not aware of a great deal of work being done in the community. That lack may well be my own failure to keep up with it, but last I heard, the documentation for the API was thin, as was the API.

Can you tell me any CRM name which is having FreePBX module ? So I will use that module as a reference

API Module in FreePBX 15

Otherwise the CRM module
It’s a commercial module, so the code is obfuscated.

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