Freepbx reject sip trunk inbound calls

Hi friends!!! Can you help me to solve an incident related to sip trunk inbound calls?. Now we have two PBX, FreePBXA and FreePBXB with the same dial plan, if an user(FreePBXA ) calls from an extension with an number that exists in (FreePBXB) the call finish and not ringing, I dont know the reason because the calls are rejected however the incident could be solved adding a prefix to caller ID however, some users have aesthetic problems with this configuration.

How additional information or using other words, when a inbound call from a trunk SIP have a caller ID equal to local number extension the call not works.

Do you know why calls are not established?
Is possible solve this problem?

Thanks for yours answers.

it’s based on the provider. Every provider is different, who is the provider? It’s either your connection string or provider. make sure IP’s are whitelisted in firewall on your pbx to the provider.

I’m not sure how this translates to FreePBX, but on plain Asterisk this is normally the result of using type=friend for what FreePBX calls extensions, That results in Asterisk matching on the From header, which includes the caller ID, and typically challenging for authentication and not getting it.

One should almost always use type=peer in which case the device name is only used for registration and subsequently the source is matched by IP address.

I don’t know if FreePBX allows you to control this. On plain Asterisk is typically the result of people following cookbook examples, which are almost always not good practice.


Thanks for your answer. About your comment, the problem is visible only on internal calls between IPPBXA and IPPBXB. When the users calls to PSTN or receives a call from the PSTN the incident is not visible.


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