FreePBX Redundancy/Scalability

Hello, new to the FreePBX/Asterisk world. Considering replacing our Cisco Enterprise and Genesys Pureconnect platforms with freePBX. I have not been able to find any guides on how to support large endpoint counts (6k) and multiple servers connected, or clustered, together. Is there such a design and where might i find a guide to do so?


You can link PBXstogether via IAX2 trunks
FreePBX: How to set up an IAX2 trunk in FreePBX | MangoLassi
Asterisk: Connecting Two Asterisk Boxes Together via IAX

Or you can look at a SIP session manager and use a cluster of Asterisk servers to complete your voice transactions:

Lastly you may want to explore pure Asterisk. I’m sure there are others on the forums with larger deployments.

I will tell you from experience, at least FreePBX queues does not scale to large numbers well. But on the Asterisk side there are many examples of success.

Also, a good resource for when you are at the stage of migrating: AstriCon Plan (9) 2020: Main Conference Day-2 - YouTube

Please don’t use IAX2 to link PBXes together. You don’t gain anything and lose things. Not only that IAX2 is community supported and it doesn’t get a lot of support or real feature updates.

Just use chan_pjsip.

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IAX has value in my opinion, but only that. I do appreciate the single port use that comes with IAX. That being said, its not harder to do SIP, just different.

If you want to cluster a couple of PBXes together and share hints and other stuff across multiple PBXes. PJSIP Trunks is the way to go.

See example: Remote BLF's using PJSIP - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation
Exchanging Device and Mailbox State Using PJSIP - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

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