FreePBX Queue Reports

Hi All, when I run Queue Reports it shows me correct everything other than last column where it says total. It turns to value "  ~  ". Please advise.

Thank You

I believe it happened when I deleted RMS module.

Any suggestion please

When was the last time you did upgrades? This could be a hold-over from an old version.

It wasn’t hold over from old version. After upgrade all was okay till I deleted RMS module

RMS has been gone for over two years and should have been automatically deleted when you upgraded. That’s why I asked the question.

When I upgraded all was okay but now only in that specific tab. And it’s only happening to Qreports when it calculate to Total.

Have you submitted a commercial support ticket? Q-Reports is a commercial product, so there’s nothing much we can do.

No I did not submitted ticket yet.

You could try reinstalling queue reports

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