FreePBX <-> PSTN Gateway

Hello! I’m new in this domain and i need some help.
This is my scheme (it’s a LAN), Softphone no: 300, Analog phone: 600.:



I want to call from ( Is a PC with Freepbx on VMware + softphone) to an analog phone connect at FXS (port from TOPEX gateway). What i need to do? I ask without trying yet because until monday i don’t have access to equipment.
From what I know, i need a SIP trunk and Outbound rule. But i don’t understand how to do it right. This for call from softphone to analog, but to call from analog to softphone, do I have to do something on the PBX?

You need a SIP trunk between the gateway and the PBX and create and outbound route that sends calls to the gateway.

If you have only a few analog extension like 4 and if your Gateway also supports, you can register a peer to peer SIP extension for every analog phone so that no need for trunk and route setting on FreePBX, you simply dial from extension to extension which on one side ends up to an analog extension. I think this way you will have clearer CDR too.

Although what avayax recommended suits in general cases.

My configuration for SIP TRUNK is http :// ; host=
My configuration for Outbound Routes is http ://

But don’t work. What is wrong? The error is server unreachable,ping works <>

Could you read your post once more, am i the only one that don’t understand it?

What you don’t understand? My bad english?:)) sorry for that.
I put 2 photos with sip trunk and outbounds route configuration, but don’t work, and i don’t know what is wrong.

You can also check out the wiki entry I edited on setting up an HT-503 gateway.

The portion on getting the trunk and in/out routes setup might be applicable to you.

Not your English, Simply can’t see the photos, just an unknown external link

Link opens fine for me.