FreePBX Presence state overrides iSymphony custom status?

Hi there,
Not sure if anyone can help me on this or not, I’m not even sure what to look at or what logs might be relevant but if anyone can suggest anything, or let me know what I can provide I will gladly do so.

To explain the issue, we currently have a large number of digium phones (this may or may not be relevant), afaik the digium phones use the built in presence states provided by asterisk and configured in the freepbx presence module. We also use iSymphony too as well, mostly to set custom status messages, these status messages are all normally set to the “Available” type with a custom message ie “checking email”. This all seems to work fine on the surface with status sync turned on in iSymphony. However we became made aware (by our users) that their custom status message was “disappearing” on its own and setting itself to simply “Available”. At first I did not believe that this was actually happening and tested for a few days by watching my own status and it did not change for days, until I needed to make a change in freepbx. Once I made a change to something in the usermanager, or a extension my status would update on its own to “Available”, sometimes right away, sometimes the next hour it would be changed. Sounds pretty odd and unbelievable right?

I am at a loss to look at what logs to look at for presence, its not one of my strong points. If it were a actual “phone” problem I’d at least have an idea. One thing I have done is disabled the status sync, and it looks like custom status messages do stay in iSymphony with the status sync disabled, it’s less than ideal because the messages and states do not actually sync and the custom status is not shown on the phone anymore, however its what I’ve got working for the moment. If anyone can offer any suggestions on where to look please let me know.

Freepbx - freepbx-
Asterisk 13.14.0 - asterisk13-core-13.14.0-2.shmz65.1.156.x86_64
iSymphony build 75 - iSymphonyServerV3-fpbx-

We have been having the same issue. Users will update their status on iSymphony using custom messages, and they appear to randomly disappear - sometimes within minutes, sometimes days later. This happens with multiple users, all using the custom available message. Not all custom statuses will disappear, for instance, if 5 people have them set- one might change, or 3. It all appears very random- and as commented above at first I figured it for a user error. We have rebooted, reinstalled, and updated Java- the problem may go away for a few days and then suddenly will appear again. There are some people who always seem to have the problem, while others never appear to- I have checked to see that their extensions are built the same, all settings are the same for all users.

Have not been able to find resolution. Not sure of next move?

Doesn’t seem like anyone knows what the issue is, I asked isymphony and they seemed to think that freepbx’s presence was conflicting with theirs and recommended turning off status sync, which I have done, and does seem to fix status’s disappearing, but takes away the functionality of status sync which really sucks.

The issue here is the normal status in FreePBX does not support custom status just the pre-defined ones so anytime something in FreePBX chnages the status the custom message is lost. Also things like Phone Apps and UCP do not have concept of custom messages nor can they display a custom message.

You would need to open a feature request asking for custom messages with status to get added and supported in FreePBX.

Thanks for the answer Tony, thats all I needed to know. I will open a feature request, it just makes it easier to know exactly what the issue is now. Thanks!