Freepbx prepaid billing

i am trying to add a prepaid billing service to FreePBX but m not aware if it is already found as an application in freepbx where i can configure or if i should install some billing softwares such as a2billing …

so what do u propose guys?
is freeRadius a good example? a2billing?

Not sure if this is released yet.

There are really no good alternatives at the moment, as you will soon find. Depending on what type of billing you are attempting to do, it may be easier to customize a SQL report from the CDR and use that.

Another option, if you want a GUI-based PBX solution, is to use a true (built with multi-tenant in mind) multi-tenant system, like FreeSWITCH.

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Asterisk is also technically “multi-tenant” FreePBX is not. The appropriate response here is use the proper tool for the job. FreePBX is a PBX. It is not a calling card system, a multi tenant platform, your gateway to being the next vonnage etc. If you want to make an ITSP or calling card platform you will need to put in some effort. This isn’t a turn key get rich thing.


what i am trying to do is simple i guess.

i am just trying to give accounts a prepaid card number so if any account tries to call a specific trunk then he has to enter his card number and for every minute he talks then his credit in this prepaid card must be reduced.

is it easier for me to customize a SQL report from the CDR and use it ?

all i am trying to do is create something like a prepaid card number. where i can create prepaid cards and assign credits to it, then this credit must be reduced after each minute of a call.

so i should be able to create cards, assign credits, credits get reduced every minute.
but this should only work for a specific trunk not for every call or internal calls.

  1. No need to make the same reply twice to two different people.

  2. FreePBX is the wrong choice for this.

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although i have seen much people connecting freepbx to a2billing where the billing thing is done at a2billing side!

Then ask them, but a2billing is currently a dead software. I think direct outreach will yield you a better result.

Heres what came back from a quick Google search:

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Asterisk is not built to be a switch. FreePBX even less. A2billing was something that did that but not great and died years ago because no one wanted to update it to follow the changes Asterisk had. Like redoing the entire CDR specs year ago.

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