FreePBX Polycom VVX411 transfer failed call in from outside

I need your help, I’m using FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’, I can’t transfer between employees when an external call comes in. Thank you

That’s a thing that works out of the box without any special configuration. You’ve given us zero information as to what you’ve done to troubleshoot the issue on your end and what you are running into. You’ll need to provide some logs of an attempted transfer for anyone to be able to tell you which direction you need to go with this.

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Every configuration I configure on the web. What do I need to give you so you can help me? This is the first time I need help on this. What’s wrong, please forgive me

You could follow along this series to see what it takes to setup extensions and a working phone system:

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What goes wrong? The correct behavior is:

  1. Call comes in and is answered by Alice.
  2. Alice tells the original caller that she will transfer the call to Bob.
  3. Alice presses the physical transfer button on her phone. It looks like two handsets with an arrow between them.
  4. Original caller hears hold music and Alice hears dial tone.
  5. Alice dials Bob’s extension number or presses the BLF or speed dial key for Bob. If the phone’s dial plan is not set up correctly, she may have to then press Send.
  6. Alice hears ringback tone and Bob’s phone rings. Original caller still hears hold music.
  7. Bob answers and Alice and Bob can talk privately. Original caller still hears hold music.
  8. Alice hangs up and the original caller is connected to Bob.

The problem here is that Alice cannot transfer to Bob, all operations are correct, when Alice presses the transfer button to Bob, the phone shows the message Transfer failed.

Are you trying to do a “blind” transfer? If so, what sequence of buttons are you using? Do attended transfers work properly? If not, at which step do they fail?

How is the phone provisioned (EPM, web interface, manually written XML files)? What transfer-related settings do you have?

I send to you
Calls from source and destination are OK, only failed by transfer

I have almost completed the configuration, all incoming and outgoing calls, internal calls are fine. Only error is in transfer

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