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FreePBX policy based routing for trunk over separate connection


Oh nooo why did i miss that you can bind asterisk to a diffrent ip address :man_facepalming: i knew this shouldn’t be so hard to get running.
now i just wasted 3 days trying to get my complicated linux routing to work :joy: which funy enough now works some how quite well but it was nice learning some complicated linux routing… and I also learnd a lesson always go and ask before you over complicate stuff.

Thanks Tom you helped me a lot :slight_smile:

(Tom Ray) #22

You don’t even need the second NIC for this. You want very specific traffic to go out over your SIP WAN connection. You could use a single local IP of your LAN and just do the src-nat/dst-nat rules in the Mikrotik.

You made this way more complicated then it ever needed to be.