FreePBX plugins

My boss/client has been in touch with FreePBX developers about a FreePBX plugin for a product we are developing, which uses asterisk and other tools under the hood.

I was looking for some kind of plug-in framework/architecture documentation on and failed to find it.

Is it not there, or am I being particularly stupid today?..

Or am I supposed to be looking at asterisk plug-ins PHPAGI type stuff, and FreePBX will just automagically make the GUI?

PS My total experience with FreePBX so far is about 10 minutes of searching for some kind of docs to figure out what he actually wants done, so apologies if I’m diving too deep too soon, but that’s my starting point from on high: “Go read about FreePBX plugins so you can write one” :slight_smile:

Never mind, I found it:

Took some deep digging, but there it was.

Looks like a very nice tutorial as well:

Sorry for the noise. Consider it a request to promote the Module/Plugin links a bit farther out, in case an outsider wants to hook into FreePBX without drinking the Kool-Aid :slight_smile: