FreePBX phone system 40 freezing


I have a FreePBX phone system 40 running Asterisk version 16.17 and FreePBX

Every call that that system receives, after a few minutes of being on the call, audio from both sides will stop for 3-5 seconds, and then resume.

The only logs I can see on FreePBX are all extensions unregistering and re-registering every minute or so and the GUI/SSH become unresponsive at the same time. If I try to ping the machine while it is freezing, it’s timing out. I don’t think it’s the network since I can still ping everything else in the same subnet at the same time and those don’t time out.

When I do top, after ssh comes back from being frozen I do see a spike in CPU usage, but I can’t see what process it is since it’s so fast.

Anyone could think of something? I tried everything I know and I can’t come up with a solution other than the phone system not being powerful enough or something like that. though I thought it should be able to handle 16 or so extensions and only 3-4 simultaneous calls.

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