Freepbx Paging with Polycom vvx 411

Good day. I got a lot of polycom VVX 411 voip phones on ebay.
Theses phones are in excellent condition and work very good.

I am trying to get them to work in our freepbx environment.

I am running into issues though.
If I set up the phones manually I can register an extension and make calls

If I use end point manager and point the polycom phones to the ip address to pull its config from it just gives an error when it tries.

Another issue is I can’t get our freepbx paging to work.

I can not find a setting on the polycom phones to “auto answer with call info” so I can’t even get the paging to work by entering the extension into the page group.

the rest of our system is set up with multicast paging so I wanted to use that for paging.

I can find the multicast settings on the polycom but seems to be a proprietary multicast?
IS there a way to make it work with freepbx page pro multicast paging ?

Any help is appreciated.

Might not be compatible, doesn’t look like it on the Sangoma page:
PBX GUI : EPM-Supported Devices (

There is an open-source version of EPM called OSS, that might support it, but I do not know.
PBX GUI : OSS End Point Manager (

Not sure about the multicast stuff. Is there a Poly fourm?

Is your server local or in a cloud? Are you using TFTP, http, etc…?

The phone is supported in endpoint manager as there is an option to set up a config for it

my server is local. And I tried ftp and http

If not using tftp, are you using the (http)username and password on the phone to access the configs on the server. This is different from the extension username and password.

I changed the provisioning protocol to use TFTP and now phone pics up config.

But I still need a way to get the paging to work

You have to program a softkey that is idled and enabled in endpoint manager template, the key should be programmed to whatever the Page Group # is in Freepbx.

So there is no way of using multicast then?

You would need to be more descriptive in your questions or what your trying to achieve.

Would you like to page another group of phones or PA devices or both?

Would you like the device on the receiving end to be duplex, in which they can talk back to the initial paging device?

A page group is made up of usually multiple users/devices, which would classify it as a multicast page going out, when dialed/used.

I have paging and intercom working on the VVX-311/411. I don’t remember exactly which setting does what, but take a look at these ones:

  voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="Auto Answer"
  voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.value="Ring Answer"


thanks for replying.

So with this config are you paging with freepbx paging module?

and if so is the extension for the polycom phones included in the page group?
or where you able to get the polycom to “listen” to the RTP Multicast address assigned to the page group in freepbx?

I’m using the Paging and Intercom module, with several groups defined with extensions in the groups.

I don’t know about a RTP Multicast message, but it’s working. I only have polycom VVX phones.

My limited understanding is that when you initiate the page, the phone auto answers the “page call”

Yes I’d you configure paging that way then it works … but multicast paging is so much better…and that doesn’t seem to work

I am willing to send someone a free Polycom vvx411 if they can get it to work with freepbx multicast paging :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshot of your config from EPM? Let’s see what you’ve got set.

Actually, I don’t need to see your EPM screenshots. I have EPM, but I’m not using Polycom phones. I did however activate a Polycom template and looked through the base files it created. It looks like its missing some settings like the address and port. In googling around I found some info on this page regarding values for a Polycom config file. (Note that the system that link mentions is not FreePBX, but multicast settings for the phone will likely be similar.

You’ll need to use the base file editor to add the missing pieces. It looks like some of them may be in the mac-features.cfg and that is likely the file you’ll need to add these settings to.

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