FreePBX over VPN

I have two sites, site A has my freepbx on I have a VPN using Fortigate 60D firewalls through to site B Everything works perfect through the VPN to each site except. But if I go over to site B I cannot ping the pbx and if I take over an extension that works in site A it will not connect to my freepbx in site A. I have entered the boot info in dhch so it should be working fine. But like I said it won’t ping or pull the config from the pbx. I’ve added site B lan to the freepbx, but with no joy.

Please help

If everything is setup correctly there should be no problem.

Your description of your setup is a bit difficult to understand. From what I can decipher from you have explained you have a network problem. I would recommend you approach this as a network problem and troubleshoot basic network connectivity.

Is the cortigate the default gateway for the frrrpbx server?