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I am trying to install OpenVPN on FreePBX 15.0.16. Is there any way to install OpenVPN or do I have to pay $25 for System Admin to have VPN available?

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Server Admin is the best $25 you’ll ever spend, but you can install OpenVPN through several other mechanisms and get a working config. You can also install a VPN in your network (for example, through WRT or pfSense) and configure the phone system to “just use” the new networks.

So - yes - either of those will make it so you can get done what you’re trying to do.


AFAIK, OpenVPN is pre-installed on the FreePBX Distro. At a root shell prompt, type
and you should see the help text.

I believe that System Admin Pro has a GUI to help you configure OpenVPN, but you could edit the config files yourself.

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If you don’t/can’t use sysadmin, then

+1 on sysadmin
the amount of time that module can save you just configuring SMTP makes it worth it.

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yes I have decided to go with another PC -server with Centos7 installed and OpenVPN as best option, a little headache to configure and set all routes but I believe this setup is better -more secure than having VPN on PBX

Extra time spent but no regret - works like charm with Yealink phones

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@mst can you share your setup / configuration so others can use it for reference in similar situation?

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all works fine, the only what I dont like all phones which are in the local LAN connects to the VPN tunnel instead of direct connection to the PBX, externally all is fine like it should.

I wonder if this is my setup on the router/firewall? PBX OpenVPN TUN

PBX = external IP A
OpenVPN=external IP B

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport Comedia ACL Port Status Description
100/100 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (5 ms)
101 (Unspecified) D Yes Yes A 0 UNKNOWN
102/102 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (15 ms)
103/103 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (6 ms)

Ideally would be having all yealinks connected directly to PBX in the same local LAN - any thoughts?

To my best knowledge, if you have FreePBX and openVPN on seperate networks then the endpoints connecting to the openVPN server will have IP addresses within the openVPN server subnet.

If your phones are registered and you can make and receive calls --> you are all set

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