FreePBX + Online DownlaodModule

Yesterday i donwloaded few Module and now, everthign look ok
i change or add extension or any other info trunk,pinset, outbound route, (all) After pressing Submit the APPLY message appear, click APPLY but nothing is changed, any chage or addiction is makeit.

I check the CONF files for write permition etc. everthing look OK.

Asterisk/Trixbox is working perfect.

Any Sugestion?

  • Backup
  • SVN freepbx
  • Restore

Thank for your time to reply this post.


backup andc restore are in freepbx…

just do a backup… go grab it /var/lib/asterisk/backups and then do the new install and dump the tar back in the folder and run restore works great…

Thank Sir!

bubba what is the location of the folder module?

Also anyone know if we want to reinstall freePBX from the start, what will be the procedure without loosing our setup?

Thank Again.

go in and uninstall the modules you updated

issues with CID and DISA module in past few weeks

Always tar the module folder before you apply updates…