Freepbx on voip

i’ve a problem when we are connected via vpn , audio not function both direction.
Perhaps that i’ll need migrate to pro version for configuration vpn profile .
is it so?

In Asterisk SIP Settings, add to Local Networks. After Save and Apply Config, restart Asterisk.

If no luck, please post: Client device or software? Server, if other than OpenVPN on the PBX? Any NAT involved? Can you ping the phone from the PBX?

why , it’s only an example ?

i can ping phone via vpn

Please answer the other questions. Also, is more than one device affected? Calls between extensions?
What device types are involved?

i’ve configured so nat on freepbx, but the problem is the same , start call , no audio on both direction

second net is internal_vpn_subnet

Do I understand correctly that you are running OpenVPN server on the PBX itself, but chose for the tunnel address? If not, please explain.

When I asked you to add an entry to Local Networks, I meant “create an additional entry”, not to enter the word “add”.

If you still have trouble, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call, with pjsip logger turned on, at and post the link here.

it’s work !!!

i’ve just added an internal vpn private network on nat
Thanks a lot

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