FreePBX on server with Cpanel

Hi All, I need suggestion from all FreePBX guru in here. I am doing some testing installing asterisk and FreePBX on my server with existing cpanel installed. I can setup and use asterisk fine on the server. but when trying to use FreePBX, i could not access it.

So my question, is it possible to use FreePBX on the same server ?

Thanks for your answers

Hi. Someone says they can work it out using lighttpd on centos server with cpanel. Will test this and update the result in here later.

Thanks … :smile:

You should not have your web server and PBX on the same box.

  1. Both can be intensive and you will suffer quality issues with one or both.
  2. Toll Fraud

I am sure google will give you a bunch of results. In fact if you look around in the forums you will see many stories of this. The best prevention is good security practices.

  1. Privacy. If FreePBX, CPANEL or any of the apps you have on this system have a security hole you have all of your eggs in one basket. compromising one compromises em all.

If you must reduce yourself to one physical platform then use Virtual machines such as KVM This way you can isolate the systems.

Hi James.

Thank you very much for your response. I will remember all your suggestions. and I understand that security is the most important thing in here.

I just want to use it in my testing environment. and if we have covered all security hole in web server, do you think is it fine to run it on production ?.

Really appreciate your suggestion.


I don’t think this would be a very good idea even in just a testing environment. cPanel documentation states that they strongly recommend running cPanel on a dedicated Linux server without any other software installed. I think you would most likely run into problems with conflicting rpms, and directory structures as cPanel is bundled with customized software.

Why not use virtualization? That is what virtualization is designed for. You could use ESXi 5.5. You can even get it for free for just one server. See here: