FreePBX on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Hello! I previously have used FreePBX on a Rpi3 for a project with an old Rotary phone but I want to save some space to put the ringer back in there so I need to run FreePBX from a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. I have had very little luck installing and running FreePBX from the zero2. I manually installed Asterisk but was unable to figure out how to get FreePBX installed from the distro. Right now I am back at square 1 with wiped cards trying to figure out what to do. Any suggestions or anybody seen FreePBX on a Pi Zero 2 W?

“The Distro” is not available for ARM hardware.

But you might be out of luck with a Zero

[PBX] FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi - VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

The included script (install) and archive (install.tar.gz) will build
FreePBX 15 or 16 plus Asterisk 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19 on a Raspberry Pi.
iptables, dnsmasq, and exim4 are also installed.

Thanks for the feedback. I was able to install RaspPBX on my old Pi3 and then I just swapped the SD card over the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W; and like magic it worked! Of course a little slower, but I’m only running one old rotary phone so it’s enough.

Now that I’m able to replace the pi3 with the zero I can fit the Grandstream HT802, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, and a USB hub all under the dialer and keep all the original insides of the phone with the ringer. I also have space to install HDMI and USB ports on the side of the phone too for easy external access without having to open it up every time.


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