Freepbx on mythbuntu

I have been running freepbx+asterisk on mythbuntu (intrepid ibex) for last few years.
I then decided to challange ‘if ain’t broken, …’. Before killing my main machine, I tried to test the process in a vmware install.
I got everything installed. however for some reason my freepbx web UI is broken. looks like in new mythtv they installed a web frontend by default in apache. That is causing breakage on freepbx since both might be trying to grab same home folder.

Is it possible to locate freepbx UI on a different folder (not docroot but maybe some other subfolder) when installing ?

If you use the method I outlined, you dont need to redefine anything. Otherwise, you can look at amportal.conf and set the web path from there

when I run install_amp, how do I tell it to install the freepbx html ui in a different folder. I don’t want to mess up the links by manually moving the freepbx folder

you can put them side by side, only youll have to remember to add /admin to your servers address every time you need freePBX.