Freepbx on google cloud

I am using Freepbx for almost 8 years on-premises perfectly, now because of COVID-19, all users are working from home(75 users ). I am thinking about two options 1. connect existing FreePBX and work like before and migrate the FreePBX on the cloud. I have tried 1 option already ( having FortiGate firewall and open all required ports on it) I am able to connect the FreePBX server but having issues in calls, sometimes calls are working fine and sometimes one-way audio so please let me know where I am missing and please provide some guidance how I can deploy FreePBX on the cloud …

@moussa854 has put together nice installing documentation

Review it, and see if there’s something obvious you missed.


Not my ideal solution or one I currently use, but a $5/month vultr instance can be be booted into any ‘.iso’ that you have previously uploaded (you get to do two).

That way you are completely within the eco-system of the iso you booted from, no muss no fuss, you just get what you pay for, and it would work exactly as a local one with the notable exception that it is not behind a NAT so is easier to configure,given that, iptables needs to be solid on the instance, there is no effective firewall between the instance and Iceland

Cloud or no, with remote workers, you’ll likely run into the same issues. There are multiple solutions including port forwarding and VPN phones.

@jitu3363 When you are at the VM instance page that allow you to edit the VM, click on the Monitoring tab and see if there is an increased CPU / memory usage. I noticed a correlation between a high CPU usage and extensions dropping.

Another alternative is a real machine. I rent a machine from them for only $25 a month. It has 8GB RAM, and 500GB of Storage. If you have an issue with the machine, they will attach a KVM up to it where you can SSH into it. They will also install any OS you want on it. Really great first rate outfit with very fast & friendly customer service.

Let me check with this …Thanks for the information .

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