Freepbx on dual processor hardware

Is there any known issue in installing Freepbx distro in a dual processor hardware (2xdual or quad core ) i.e. IBM, Dell, HP rackmount servers ???
If not, is there any advantage instead ??
Any general hardware advice ?
Thank you

Our experience even with larger systems (150+ extensions) is that Asterisk itself is fairly single-threaded, but the supporting software (MySQL, Apache) take advantage of the extra horsepower - and if they are going to be running Queue Reporting software (QXact, QueueMetrics) it really helps to have more CPU.

Our standard box for years has been the Dell T110-II with a Xeon and 8 Gigs of RAM with a Software Mirror for storage. We have the rack version (R210-II) running in an HA cluster with 200+ phones and it works well.

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Greg, thanks for reply and infos
I was asking about the dual-processor servers as R620 or R720 (just to stay with Dell but a lot of other brands are available)
Are there any Freepbx issue during installation or working time with this hardware ?

CentOS (or more specifically the linux kernel version is uses) doesn’t care how many processor throw at it, as long as you’re under 256 that is. The real issue is whether the applications are written to exploit those extra cores/chips or not.

Ok, if CentOS doesn’t care of the second processor benefit, it would be enough Freepbx works stable with no issue…that’s all
Anyway I read somwhere CentOS detects dual CPU systems at boot and it is happy with…!